Obedience Training


Obedience Training


Have you always wished you had a dog that would obey you on the your first command?  Come when called no matter how great the distractions?  Tired of pulling on the leash?  All of this can change!


At Team PawsCienda we train all breeds with all temperaments.  We specialize in hard to handle dogs and with 30 years of experience, our methods are designed to meet your needs while special attention is given to your dog's temperament and personality.  Here at PawsCienda, our goal is to build confidence in you as the pack leader and to build your dog's trust in you.  This will allow you and your dog to have a lasting and enjoyable relationship that you may have not thought was possible.  


At PawsCienda, we provide training that really works and that actually lasts, not gimicks designed to make you feel good, but leave you with a dog that still pulls, does not come when called and jumps on people.


You can make this change today!  Call us now and ask for Jeff.

Obedience Camp Level I


An intensive 2 week on-leash program that includes an initial assessment, basic obedience training, walk on-leash without pulling, daily group play sessions and lessons with the owner. 


Cost: $1,200 per dog (includes boarding and food).

Obedience Day Camp


One of our most popular programs is our Obedience Day Camp. Your dog can receive our first rate obedience training from our team here at PawsCienda while enjoying the benefits of socialization and interactive play groups with our top activity coordinators.  At the end of the day, you can enjoy your dog at home.  You will receive instructions and coaching at the end of each week.

Cost: $80 per dog per day

(Mon-Fri only)

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Obedience Camp Level II


A comprehensive 4 week off-leash program that includes an initial assessment, basic obedience training, daily group play sessions and lessons with the owner. 


Cost: $2,400 per dog (includes boarding, food and high quality E-Collar).

In Home Training


At Team PawsCienda, we understand that you and your dog may be more comfortable learning at home.  In Home training will provide practical training skills to be used in their normal environment and provide opportunity to address issues that you are experiencing in your home.  Call for more information.

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Private Training

A concentrated lesson for you and your dog, addressing specific questions, individual concerns or behavioral problems.


Cost: $150 per hour.


- Boarding
- Grooming
- Training
- Day Care
- Dog Guard


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