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Obedience Training


Obedience Training


At Team PawsCienda we train all breeds with all temperaments.  We specialize in hard to handle dogs and with 30 years of experience, our methods are designed to meet your needs while special attention is given to your dog's temperament and personality.  Here at PawsCienda, our goal is to build confidence in you as the pack leader and to build your dog's trust in you.  This will allow you and your dog to have a lasting and enjoyable relationship that you may have not thought was possible.  


At PawsCienda your dog will enjoy first class accommodations with options to upgrade to our luxury cabins. We know how important your dog is to you. Our trained staff is focused on giving your dog the personalized care and the positive reinforcement they need to succeed. While here at PawsCienda your dog will not only receive first class accommodations, they will also participate in group play activities in order to promote proper social skills.


Our programs will not only teach your dog the basic obedience commands, but we can also address issues from minor to severe aggression, jumping, nipping, and resource guarding. At PawsCienda we provide training that really works and actually lasts, not gimmicks designed to make you feel good, but a well behaved dog.


Stop by PawsCienda Pet Resort and Training Ranch for a tour and meet our staff.


Obedience Camp Level I


Level 1 is a 2 week program designed to build a solid foundation for on and off leash obedience. Your dog will learn the basic obedience commands: sit, stay, down, come and walk on loose leash without pulling. They will also be taught a system of learning and verbal ques that will allow you the freedom to enjoy your dog at home and outside in public areas. We will also provide personal instructions to you at the end of each week to ensure that you reach your desired goals.


Cost: $2,000 per dog (includes boarding, food, training collar and high quality E-Collar)

Obedience Camp Level II


Level 2 is our 3 week program and is a step in a new direction. Your dog will be given a great foundation and learn all of the basic commands with more emphasis on distractions and off leash work. We will also be able to address minor negative behaviors in this program.  We will provide personal instructions to you at the end of week two and week three to ensure that you reach your desired goals.


Cost: $2,400 per dog (includes boarding, food, training collar and high quality E-Collar)

Obedience Day Camp


This program offers a more interactive approach for you and your dog. Drop your dog off in the morning and they will receive the same great professional training during the day but you will pick your dog up in the evening. You will receive personal professional instruction one day a week. This allows you to participate in your dog’s progress and helps build team work and confidence for you and your dog.

Cost: $90 per dog per day (Includes 3 outdoor group play sessions per day and 2 training sessions)  Mon-Fri only

Obedience Camp Level III


Level 3 is our 4 week program and is our most popular package as it offers the same great foundation, learning system and verbal cues and markers. It will offer off leash at a higher level with more enticing distractions and the ability to address more negative behaviors and aggression issues.  Field trips to public areas will also build your dog’s confidence and prepare them for everyday life. We will also provide personal instructions to you at the end of week three and week four to ensure that you reach your desired goals.


Cost: $2,800 per dog (includes boarding, food, training collar and high quality E-Collar)

Right Start Puppy Basics Camp


Our 1 week Puppy Basics Camp will get you off to the right start with your new puppy.  Your puppy will learn about crate training, introduction to house breaking and getting up on a raised platform.  They will learn marker words that will be used to help teach new behaviors.  We will teach basic obedience commands, learn about leash walking and instruct you, the owner, on behavior issues that may arise and how to appropriately deal with them to maintain confidence and a positive outlook.


Cost: $600 per dog (includes boarding and food) 

Premier Obedience 


For those that would prefer a more interactive hands on approach. The Premier package allows you to be much more involved in the training process. You will meet once a week where you will collaborate with our trainers to set goals, formulate a training program and regiment that will get the results you desire. Training programs are carefully designed around continuity, consistency and fairness. Our goal is to help your dog to become confident, happy, balanced, and well behaved.


Cost:  4 week session - $750 (includes training collar and high quality E-Collar)


8 week session - $1,200 (includes training collar and high quality E-Collar)

In Home Training


At Team PawsCienda, we understand that you and your dog may be more comfortable learning at home.  In Home training will provide practical training skills to be used in their normal environment and provide opportunity to address issues that you are experiencing in your home.  Call for more information.

Private Training

A concentrated lesson for you and your dog, addressing specific questions, individual concerns or behavioral problems.


Cost: $150 per hour.

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