K9 Enrichment

Mental stimulation to keep your best friend happy & healthy
Our K9 Enrichment program consist of interactive puzzle games, IQ treat balls, treat filled Kong toy, Snuffle Mats and 1 on 1 enrichment sessions.
Stimulate your dog's natural behaviors
Snuffle Mat.jpg
Snuffle Mats put your dog's nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature.

1 on 1 Enrichment Sessions

1 on 1 enrichment sessions include fun activities like our Ball Pit Pool, Tunnel Run, Hurdle jump and More.
A La Carte add ons

Interactive Puzzle Toy or Snuffle Mats     $5

Kong Treat Filled Toy            $5

1 on 1 Enrichment Session        $15

   (Monday - Friday only)

Studies have shown that sniff training is beneficial to the physical and mental health of our pets and plays a role in relieving stress and releasing excess energy.
Scent activities
Nose work
Puzzle games sharpen your dog's mind and decision making skills using his nose to discover his reward.
Kong Treat Toys and IQ Balls are great for dog's with separation anxiety, dog's who like to chew or just plain boredom.
Package add ons

Gold Rush Package:

1 Enrichment Session & Interactive Puzzle Toy or Kong Toy      $20

    (Monday - Friday only)

Rocky Mount Package:

1 Enrichment Session & 1 Nature Walk    $29

    (Monday - Friday only)

Wagon Wheel Package:

1 Enrichment Session & 1 Play Time     $25

    (Monday - Friday only)