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PawsCienda® K9 Training Ranch


Stephen Hoechst


Stephen began working for PawsCienda in June of 2010 as a Kennel Technician and continued working through college.  After college, Stephen worked full time as our DayCamp Coordinator.  

In 2015 Stephen began working as PawsCienda's Dog Trainer.  Stephen has continued to develop his skills and abilities as a dog trainer, as well as help our pet owners achieve their goals with their pets.

Jeff Stoneman

Dog Trainers in Richmond Virginia

Jeff has trained and handled dogs at the highest levels of field competition.  He continues to compete and to hone his skills as a competitive dog handler.


Jeff has been training for over 30 years now and during this time has developed training methods that have proven results that last and have stood the test of time.  


Jeff has had a life long love for dogs.  His desire is to provide for dogs the care, compassion and structured training environment they deserve.

Our philosophy

Here at Team PawsCienda, we believe in a balanced, well rounded approach to training. We understand that your dog is important to you. We take great care in structuring your dog’s training around continuity, consistency and fairness. These 3 pillars will ensure that your dog is successful, happy and confident. Our methods are time tested with proven results. We do not use gimmicks that sound good but are inherently contrary to a dogs natural pack environment. At PawsCienda Training Ranch we strive to provide clear and effective communication skills that will make it possible for every dog to achieve lasting results. A well trained dog in a structured environment is a happier and healthier dog. This environment has proven to help promote a longer life by removing stress and insecurity.

Obedience Dog Training
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