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Cat Boarding
Kitty Kanyon Kondos


Our Kitty Kanyon Kondos offers your feline family member plenty of room to stretch and relax. Each Kondo incorporates separate litter and hiding units as well as sleep and exercise areas with cat perching shelves

Our Kitty Kanyon play room is a sun filled play room no feline can resist!  Complete with artificial grass, scratching posts, climbing towers and a window cot for napping. 

Sasha Cat boarding in Montpelier Virginia

Single Cat Occupancy                    $20

​Double Cat Occupancy                  $36

Other Small Animals                      $15

Boarding Rates:
Cat Amenities:

Stretch & Scratch ........  $5 per session


Feline Frolic Package.....$8 per session

(1 Stretch & Scratch, Soothing Brush and Kitty Treats)


Stretch and Scratch: A special time in our Kitty Kanyon playroom, where they can soak up the sun, explore cat towers, engage with toys, and indulge in some prime people-watching through our large office window. 

Cat Boarding in Montpelie Virginia
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