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 Boarding Amenities (A La Carte):


Play Time (outside) $10 per session
Pet & Cuddle Session (1 on 1 time) $8 per session

Agility Run Session $15 per session (Monday-Friday only)
Nature Walk $14

Interactive Puzzle Toy / Snuffle Mat $ 5

Kong Treat Filled Toy  $ 5

Extra Potty Break  $ 5
Daycamp add-on full day   $24
Daycamp add-on half day  $20
Frosty Paw Treat    $ 3
Pool Time (seasonal)   $18

Holiday Dinner   $10

Injections  $ 2 each

Play Times:   Your dog will be taken outside to our play yard, where they can enjoy playing with our staff and their favorite toys, whether it's a ball, rope, or something they brought from home. Our team will make sure your pup has a blast, staying active and engaged while you're away.
Nature Walks:  a scenic stroll behind our facility, where your dog can breathe in the fresh air, stretch their legs, and bask in the beauty of nature. With our tranquil pond as a backdrop, your pet will enjoy the opportunity to sniff, explore and discover all the wonders of the great outdoors!
Pet & Cuddles:  Our staff members will sit inside your dog’s boarding accommodation and spend quality time with them, giving them one-on-one attention, cuddles, and love. We believe that this additional personal interaction can help reduce any anxiety or stress your pet may be feeling while you're away.
Agility Run Sessions: Is your pup ready to take on a challenge? Our 'agility run session' amenity is just what they need! Our staff members will take your dog into our training room, where they can show off their skills on our agility course. Your furry friend will climb steps, jumps through hoops, crawl through tunnels, and leap over hurdles. It's the perfect way to keep your dog active and entertained while you're away (best recommended for dogs with agility experience).

 Boarding Package Add-ons:

Fiesta Package   $18 per package

1 Play Time, 1 Pet & Cuddle session, a Bed Roll (blanket) and Trail Biscuits

Dream Catchers Boarding Package    $41 per package

Full day DayCamp, 1 Nature Walk, 1 Frosty Paw treat (Monday - Friday)

Senior Dog Package       $22 per package

1 Nature Walk, 1 Pet & Cuddle session, a Bed Roll (blanket),

  Evening “Tuck-in” with special Trail Biscuits

Sporting Dog Package    $44 per package

2 Play Times, Retriever games, Conditioning run and 1 Frosty Paw treat

Active Dog Package      $38 per package

2 Nature Walks, 1 Play Time, Bed Roll (blanket) and Trail Biscuits

Gold Rush Package:   $20 per package (Monday - Friday)

1 Agility Run Session & Interactive Puzzle Toy or Kong Toy

Rocky Mount Package:    $29 per package (Monday - Friday)

1 Agility Run Session & 1 Nature Walk    

Wagon Wheel Package:    $25 per package (Monday - Friday)

1 Agility Run Session & 1 Play Time    

Summer Cool Down   $21 per package (Seasonal)

1 Pool Time and 1 Frosty Paw treat

For Our Kitties:


Stretch & Scratch                $5 per session


Feline Frolic Package         $8 per session

1 Stretch & Scratch, Soothing Brush and Kitty Treats

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House Menu

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You may bring your own special food if you desire.

Please bring each serving packaged in individual bags for easy feeding.

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