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About PawsCienda’s®

Rodeo Roundup Daycamp


PawsCienda’s Rodeo Roundup Daycamp is a place for dogs to have fun in a safe and caring environment.


When your dog comes to Daycamp, he or she will be integrated into the supervised play group that best suits them. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dog’s comfort level. Groups are decided based on factors such as size and temperament.


We will work with your dog, helping them to learn how to ‘play nice’.  If your dog is not ready for group play, we can keep them exercised and mentally stimulated during their stay.


Benefits of Daycamp



  • Stress relief from playing with other dogs.


  • Attention from a caring staff.


  • Interaction with other dogs to build positive social behavior.


  • Increased confidence and agility.

  • Learn to play nice and socialize as part of a pack.

  • Peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy while you are away during the day.


  • While at daycamp your dog can bark, chew, run and play in a stress free environment.


  • If you have plans at night there will be no guilt for leaving your dog at home because he/she will be tuckered out from a full day of play at PawsCienda’s Rodeo Roundup Daycamp!

Selfie at th PawsCienda Pet Resort in Montpelier Virginia
Football Friday's at PawsCienda's Doggie DayCamp in Viginia
Tug a War at PawsCienda's Doggie DayCamp in Montpelier Virginia
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