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Dogs Eat the Darnedest Things: All About Intestinal Obstructions

If there’s one thing I know about dogs, it’s that they are equal-opportunity eaters. Whether it’s dinner or dish towels, rocks or rawhides, there’s likely a dog out there who will down it. We’ve all seen the X-rays: Dogs have swallowed rubber ducks, underwear, knives, light bulbs, baited hooks, skewers of meat (yes, skewer and all) — I could go on and on. What’ll He Eat Next? That doggone urge to chew and swallow pretty much anything in the hope that it might be tasty is the cause of many a visit to the veterinarian. Some foreign bodies — as they’re known in vetspeak — pass through the canine gastrointestinal tract unnoticed (unless you happen to spot them when they emerge). But when they ge

Do You Know the Best Way to Break Up a Dogfight and Come Out Unscathed?

If you’re a dog lover and see two dogs fighting, your natural response is to want to physically separate them before someone gets hurt. And this is especially true when one or both dogs belong to you. However, as many, many people who have come before you will attest, it can be very risky business to try to break up a serious dogfight. Even though they evolved as pack animals and are genetically programmed to get along in social groups, unfortunately, dogs do occasionally fight. When it happens, it can be a harrowing, dangerous situation for both the dueling dogs and their humans. The first response of many people who encounter a dogfight is to scream at the top of their lungs to try to put

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