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Training Tips with Jeff - Leash Pulling

One of the most common requests I receive as a dog trainer is “how to stop my dog from pulling on a leash”. This is the simplest but yet the hardest behavior to master. Let’s start by examining why dogs pull. To begin with, most dogs naturally walk faster than we do and there is a natural instinct when wearing a harness or collar to pull. Much like sled dogs it’s a self-rewarding behavior. When dogs are on a walk they like to investigate, sniff and generally check out their environment. Also many dogs just like to lead the way. To help aid in our quest for a well-mannered dog whom walks politely on a leash, we will start with the use of a leash and collar. The collar you choose will be based

Risk Factors for Canine Bloat

Canine bloat, or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is the number-one cause of death for several large and giant breeds. If this painful disorder is not treated within one to two hours, it is life-threatening. Twenty-five percent of bloat cases are caused by gastric dilation. The stomach fills with gas. The increased pressure compresses both ends of the stomach, preventing the gas from escaping. But most cases--75 percent--are due to gastric volvulus, where the stomach actually twists, crimping and cutting off the inflow and outflow from the stomach. When the stomach gases cannot get out, they expand. Affected dogs drool saliva because they cannot swallow. Also, they cannot belch or vomit, w

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