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Keeping Your Pet Healthy This Fall

When it comes to keeping your pet healthy and helping him enjoy fall to the fullest, there are some things to keep in mind.

Watch out for ticks

Many species of ticks are active even into the winter and can survive the first frost. Don’t let ticks cozy up. Remove their favorite environments, such as leaf and garden litter, where ticks can sometimes survive even into winter.

Check for ticks frequently.

Continue using tick control products, particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors with your pet enjoying activities like hiking, camping, or hunting.

Beware of rat poison and other rodenticides

Fall is the time of year when mice, rats, and other rodents start to scurry for warmth. Be careful when it comes to mouse traps and rodenticides like rat and mouse poison. Nobody wants an infestation of mice, but many poisons that are currently on the market can be very harmful to dogs and cats.

Feed your pet right

It’s getting colder out there, and cool temperatures mean more energy is needed to stay warm. You’ll probably need to feed your pet a bit more food – food generates body heat, so pets who spend a lot of time exercising outdoors need to eat more than in the summer.

Watch out for antifreeze

In preparing for the winter months ahead, people tend to use fall to winterize their cars. This often involves changing fluids such as antifreeze. Clean up spills immediately and make sure your pets steer clear of the garage while you’re working on your vehicle.

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