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The Life and Times of Sasha PawsCienda’s Lodge Kitty

The day started out as normal – greeted early by Amanda who made my breakfast and fluffed my pillow. I sauntered into the office area and jumped to my usual morning spot – smack dab in the middle of Amanda’s paperwork. Ahhh - all settled in for a day of naps, sunshine and meeting & greeting my fans.

Then all of a sudden I was swooped away from my comfortable pillow and placed in my old familiar cat carrier. What was happening? My life as I’ve come to know it had all changed in a brief second. It took a few minutes to get my senses about me before realizing I was moving - most likely in a vehicle like the one that brought me to my new home.

It seemed like hours had passed before we finally came to a stop. OMGosh – we were at the VET. This can’t be! Everyone knows cats hate going to the VET.

Well, I decided to make the best of it and held my head up high and flashed my beautiful blue eyes at the Technician who greeted me. After all, I am adorable if I do say so myself. Everyone made over me (of course) and after some poking and prodding, we headed back home.

So good to back in my comfort zone. However, I decided to remain in my condo for a while – just in case.

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