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Training tips with Jeff – How to Prevent Jumping

For a lot of dog owners jumping is a major problem. Most dogs jump up on you to re-create a

rewarding experience. Often times when they are small puppies we either lift them up to our faces

and talk sweet to them in a high happy voice, or we get down low with them. We are generally praising them and petting them, all of which are considered rewarding. This behavior is best avoided from the beginning. Dogs tend to repeat behaviors that reap rewards. Remember the phrase “you get what you pet.”

Start from the beginning by only giving praise and rewards when your dog is in the sit position. Then mark the behavior with a word like yes or good. Teach the behavior sit first (we will go over this behavior next issue) then when the dog jumps up on you mark the unwanted behavior with a word like “no”. Be sure not to raise your voice as this signals to your dog that you are upset or that something is wrong. You are teaching, not reprimanding. When your dog sits, reward him for positive behavior. Using this method we are teaching the dog that they can affect their environment positively through obedience to your command. Jumping will reap no positive benefit and they may receive a negative reward, but a good sit gets what they want. The end result is that they learn to “Win”.

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